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Aquaculture& Environmental Services Ltd-Tanzania (AQUES LTD).
Emmanuel Massano     Tel: +255 755 977 288 / 776 997 288

AQUES  LTD  is an independent company, based in Dar-es-Salaam, the financial capital of Tanzania. It was created to
fulfil the requirement for well managed and closely supervised, turn-key geological field and environmental
services of international standard in Eastern Africa. Due diligence audits, Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve
estimations, mine planning and cut-off grade optimisation and scheduling are undertaken by the company.

EXPLORATION AND MINE GEOLOGY: The AQUES LTD team is headed by Emmanuel Massano,
who collectively have some 14 years experience in the evaluation of alluvial, base and precious metal, coal,
dimension stone, iron ore, heavy mineral sand, hydrocarbon, industrial rock and mineral, pegmatite mineral and radio-active mineral prospects and mines throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Services offered, which are
undertaken to meet the quality requirements of the JORC, NI-43101 or SAMREC reporting codes, include the:
Design and management of mineral exploration programmes.
Completion of multi-source geological mapping studies.
Acquisition of quality geological field data.
Establishment of sampling and analytical QA/QC protocols.
Supervised completion of geochemical soil and stream sampling programmes.
Controlled collection of outcrop, trench and/or pit samples.
Administration and review of drilling programmes.
Assignment of reputable geological, technical and other personnel.
Provision of good quality field equipment and vehicles.

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: The environment section of  AQUES LTD which is coordinated by David Roberts,
includes senior members of the University of Dar-es-Salaam who have worked on numerous applied
environmental, socio-economic, agricultural and invertebrate biodiversity projects throughout Eastern Africa.
Cognisance is frequently taken of existing, often GIS referenced, biological databases. Services offered
Environment Legal and Regulatory Compliance.
Environmental Auditing.
Environmental and Sociological Impact Assessments and Management Planning.
Rehabilitation and closure planning and management.
Assessment of the ‘modifying’, non-resource factors, effecting Ore Reserve estimation.
Review of the local criteria effecting investment opportunities.


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