Friday, 23 December 2016


Aquaculture is managed under the Fisheries Policy of 1997, the Fisheries Act No. 6 of 1970 that was amended to Act No. 22 of 2003 and the Principal Fisheries Regulations, 2004. There are also other related acts and regulations. The purpose of these regulations is to protect the environment, the producers and other resource users and ensure the safety of aquaculture products. The main regulations governing aquaculture therefore include the following Fisheries Legislation, international protocols to which The United Republic of Tanzania is a signatory or a member by accrreditation (e.g CCRF - Aquaculture, i.e. the aquaculture section of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries) and all other legislation on environmental and water resources management.

Several measures have been adopted to attain the objectives relating to better management. These include creation of awareness in the community on sustainable aquaculture through seminars, meetings and workshops and provision of low interest loans and a three-year tax-free period for investors in commercial aquaculture through the National Investment Center (NIC). Other initiatives include the amendment of the Fisheries Act No. 6 of 1970 to include aquaculture, development of mariculture guidelines, production of a fish farming booklet and training of aquaculture personnel at different levels.

The Fisheries Division is responsible for the formulation of policy and legislation. It is also required to provide support for the implementation and enforcement of the fisheries policy and the fisheries legislation. All these are executed in collaboration with entities such as the local government, research institutions, non-governmental organizations and the fisher community.


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